Good-KennedyScott Cluthe, Media Producer, has over 30+ years experience in Video , Radio & Media as Producer/Director/Editor/Host. Mr. Cluthe’s resume includes Producer credits with:

Matrix Video, Houston, Texas Business Video Producer Access Houston – Video Series Producer  Metro Networks-News/Anchor Producer Conversations Radio-Host/Producer  Wisdom Today-Host/Producer Wisdom Radio-Sirius Satellite  Positively Incorrect-Host/Producer Lime Radio/Sirius Satellite  Phonoscope New Media-Host/Producer  LOVE Cafe Video-Host/Producer Blog Talk Radio-LOVE Cafe Radio Host/Producer

Scott Cluthe’s Media Journey has spanned over 4 decades now, beginning with extensive work at Radio Station KPFT FM 90.1 in Houston, Texas and moving forward. he also came under the tutelage of Kenan Brannan, a gifted Video Producer and more who shared his insights and friendship with the young Cluthe. Scott was one of the first graduates of the Video Production classes for Access Houston, the City of Houston official community Media Broadcasting channel on Warner Cable TV. Scott Cluthe produced over 60 TV programs expressing his core Spiritual Diversity and Human Potential Interests also reflected in his weekly radio program, Vibrations.  His radio experience includes a full time traffic and news report for Traffic Line, founded by Marty Ambrose, metro Networks, the national entity headquartered out of Houston at that time, as well as broadcast stints with a variety of AM stations in the Houston market working with Anita Martini, J P Pritchard and Ron Parker .