young scottReally this Post is intended for Mom’s, Dad’s, Grand Mom’s and Dad’s, well, anyone who is the one even for that day, getting up and getting those kids ready for school. Or packing that lunch, (they still do right?). And of course,  the pick em up ritual, (this should be a specially designated Time Out of Time for working parents, etc., ( i.e., does not count against actual clock time in your busy life).

Below is a LINK to a Video from Huffington Post today on WiIlie Nelson, and the Bullying he endured, and how it was resolved.

If only it was that easy, unfortunately, for many, many children. With the new school year kicking off, some kids are totally “greenies” at the whole “leaving home” syndrome, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.
Some times transitions from one grade to another, or from one school district to another, is all it takes for the ” different kid” to become the Target. And sometimes, well, at least back in the day so often, it was someone, or a group of them, that just had to be bad asses. Or at least they wanted you to think so.
So I feel for the worried parents of any child, whether having a disability, wearing a head scarf in their religious tradition, or just being “different’ as measured by some self loathing self absorbed little monster.
Happened to me. it was High School, 11th grade. Now I never went looking for a fight for sure, I’m pretty much a Pacifist and will do all I can to avoid any physical altercations. ( Frankly, don’t want to get hurt !)
But then Life presents you with something else. This kid was known as Snake, ( I kid you not), and pretty much seemed to want to pick on anybody.

I was pretty surprised when he sprung up at my locker, to inform me that he wanted to beat the stuffing out of me. I didn’t even know the clown. Walking home, a bus passed by, sure enough here’s Snake pointing out the window at me…..gulp.

At the appointed hour, 4:30, at the appointed place, the street at the end of the sub-division, I went ahead and showed up.
I mean, I was kinda dizzy but sure didn’t want to spend my summer having this kid chase me around one way or another.  But I also brought a secret weapon with me, which he was not aware of. I’m Left Handed !
So big ole Snake, ( he was pretty skinny actually, and ugly…maybe the reason for the chip on his shoulder ?), has his over weight friend come roaring up on his bike.
Uh OH, 2  against one ? Nope, turns out he was the referee. Well at least there was some pinch of decency in ole skinny ole ugly Snake maybe ?  So he came out swinging. That’s when I revealed my secret weapon to both Him and ME ! I’m left Handed ! When his right paw headed towards my head, not being much of a fighter, I swung as hard as I could, Left Handed, straight into his knuckles.

He crumpled to the ground like a cheap suit. I jumped on him as fast as I could. Another ole Lefty to the head, and then I pinned him. His buddy called the fight off…declaring ME the Winner ! Wow. Even said I won…”fair and square!”  the most beautiful thing I had ever heard up till then.
Of course Snake, when he got through dusting off his hurt pride, declared, “I ‘ll fight you again buddy!” It is the only time, but the best time I EVER had, saying…”Any Place, Any Time!”

You think I ever saw that Snake slither again ?
My Mom was horrified when I got home. Pieces of gravel stuck in my skin, little patches of blood, and when I told her the reason she had a melt down. Me ? When I lay on the bed, feeling those pieces of gravel and scratches all over, frankly, I felt like a million bucks.
There are Much Better ways to resolve the Bullying Problem, but being a thoughtful Guide to any and all kids around you, and stopping behavior before it escalates is one way. Willie found his solution in his Grandmother’s Lap…….Scott Cluthe, LOVE Cafe

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