About Scott Cluthe

Scott Cluthe, a plus 35 year veteran of Media (radio/video/TV/Webcasting) has committed to a new weekly/bi-weekly Video Webcasting Program titled Scott Cluthe’s LOVE Cafe.

A Media Bio of Scott Cluthe 

22 years as a volunteer and twice Program Director at non-commercial listener funded KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, a Pacifica radio station. The first listener sponsored community radio network in the USA.

Host/Producer of Vibrations Program – popular long running radio show that interviewed guests in all aspects of personal and spiritual development. One of KPFT’s longest continuous radio shows in its’ history. (1974 – 1994)

News/Traffic Anchor for various services and stations – Traffic Line, Metro Networks, iHeart Media/TTW, plus others ( 1976 – 2015)

Executive Producer / Host Co-host on 2 Sirius Satellite Networks for Drive Time live 2 hours daily Wisdom Radio and LIME Healthy Living with a Twist Radio ( 2002 – 2008)

Producer / Host of Positively Incorrect! Radio on Blog Talk Radio
 (2008 – 20015) Over 500 radio shows on site. Over 400,000 Listeners currently cum. Now officially re-named Scott Cluthe’s LOVE Café radio.

Video Producer – Commercial Marketing Videos – Matrix Videos, Houston, Texas ( 1998 – 2000 ) Vector Award nomination. Scott Cluthe has produced and broadcast video/TV over the years, but Scott Cluthe’s LOVE Café LLC, this is his first fully owned and operated venture.

Faye and Scott Cluthe partnered on attempting to Venture Fund the Original LOVE Café concept, but were unable to develop the needed funding.

A long range goal of theirs is to create the brick and mortar version of LOVE Café and extensive information on any interested parties is also available on this site. ( A Kickstarter will be created for this also if need be.)

It has been presented and approved by a handful of successful developers, but no funding has been forthcoming to date. Please contact Scott Cluthe directly if you would be interested in the business plans, funding model, complete Cost to Profits plans, etc. It is all available.

This video is an introduction to the Web Series “Scott Cluthe’s LOVE Cafe” Houston / International Editions. Scott creates versions for both Houston and the Global Community. It can be about: People-Events-Organizations-News Story or anything else that represents LOVE in Action ! The Coolest part, Scott Cluthe wants YOU to help Lead the Show by suggesting People-Events – Organizations- News stories that reflect LOVE in Action for you.


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