It took some time, but mostly it took the incredible talents of Blue Matrix and Adam Harmon, my Web masters, to finally get my LOVE Cafe Blog off and running !

Hi this is Scott Cluthe Host/Producer/Creator of LOVE Cafe Media across Radio/Audio, Video/TV and Newsletter/Blogging, opening his Blog Window for the first time.

I am excited to finally have an on-going Blog portal so we can share and talk about all the other elements in our lives that matter and also comment on what is shared here. Just as with the LOVE Cafe Virtual Video Cafe Community, i want you to feel free to suggest content, to send content and to comment o amy content on an on-going basis.

The basic Thematic for LOVE Cafe is LOVE In Action, but of course we are much more then one note Johnnies and Josselyn’s ! I want ot hear and see from you – pictures, videos, text & content you send to share with the LOVE Cafe Community here.

Send Content/Comments to: and More to Come !
Scott Cluthe
President/Owner LOVE Cafe LLC